What is Simply Wholly Living?

I don’t have a definition just yet, but I’m working on it. (I am always “working on it”.)

The fact is that I can eat the healthiest, most well-balanced, organic, non-GMO, food ever and still be falling apart at the seams emotionally, mentally, and spiritually.

Simply Wholly Living?

And that’s why I firmly believe that this diagnosis was a true blessing. It’s been a very long time since I reconnected with myself and my faith. I don’t mean that in the traditional sense. Although I do participate and things that may be called “traditional”. It’s an awesome awareness. A release of the control that I clung on to with a death grip for 35 years. It has been incredibly humbling and unbelievably liberating to know that I don’t need to try to control anything anymore because it is already taken care of.

(Amen, sister! And yes, I am talking to myself.)

Here are my daily mantras. I repeat them at the start of my day and any time throughout when I need to recenter myself. Enjoy!

1. I choose to be present*

2. My heart is open**

3. Everything is unfolding for my highest purpose***

4. I give it to God and I release control of it****

 I also am very active with meditation, visualizations, Reiki, prayer, and sharing this experience as openly and honestly as possible without any shame or fear of rejection. We all have stories. And I know that my little story can help others as they journey through theirs.

For all of you now sufficiently weirded out, I get it. Just remember that this is my journey. You can take from it whatever is of importance to you. No pressure, here!


*I have a terribly regular habit of skipping ahead and/or worrying about things that simply don’t need my attention at that moment. For example, instead of enjoying the quiet of my sweet baby in my arms, my mind starts racing about all the chores I am not doing. Or the one that my husband hates…Instead of relaxing together for a couple of hours before bed, I try to catch-up on work (face in my Mac) or I am “Face-Spacing” as he calls it!

**I visualize there being a big, beautiful door that is open on my chest with glowing rays from the sun pouring down and warming its wood. I am “open for business”, Life!

***This is faith. Pure and simple. Whether you are comfortable with God, the universe, your angels – whatever. The faith that “what is meant to be for you will be” and that plan is pure and good. While this is my #3 mantra listed, it may be the most important to me.

****For this control freak, this right here has been a huge obstacle. Even now I am constantly trying to find ways that I can control my MS experience, my health, the progression of the disease, my career, my family life, my money – need I say more?! Surrender has been sweet. But the control freak is very hard to repress most days.


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