What is Simply Wholly Eating?

Simply Wholly Eating

Within 48 hours of my diagnosis, my husband and I had          sourced all kinds of info from all kinds of sources like books,  blogs, journals, web sites, support groups and more. Armed  with the all the info that we could possibly makes sense of, we  surgically dissected every approach to the treatment of MS that  we could find and then pieced it all back together for a plan that  made sense for us.

Now it just so happens, that my husband has also dedicated his life to health and wellness (Not a coincidence #1) and also happens to work at one of the best hospitals in the world (Not a coincidence #2) and also happens to have relationships with the Neurology Department (Not  coincidence #3). Oh and my mother-in-law has MS (Not  coincidence #4). And I’m a headstrong, recovering Type-A personality that was determined to make sense of this (Not  coincidence #5). So needless to say, the universe had set us up for success! (And in case you don’t know, I don’t believe in coincidences.)

Our entire family follows an anti-inflammatory lifestyle. This is important because I do not need any more inflammation. My body does enough damage to my brain on its own. This means I have completely overhauled what I am feeding my body. I eat really nutritionally dense foods in their most natural state possible. This includes a lot of green things and a lot brightly colored things. It also means I don’t eat some things anymore either including:

  • Dairy
  • Gluten
  • Non grass-fed red meat
  • Chicken
  • Sugar
  • Processed foods

The good news is I still can drink wine and I do often. We can all thank God for that. Me without me wine is not what this world needs. We have enough problems.

The other good news is that sometimes I don’t pay attention to the rules at all. There are always exceptions. Not many. But you better believe I ate homemade mac ‘n cheese and cake on my son’s 1st birthday and I will eat cookies on my birthday and nobody better try to stop me.

If you are really interested in what we’re eating check out my blog posts tagged “On my plate” and “Recipes”.

Bon Appetit!


photo credit: 97th Street GreenMarket December 7, 2012 CLS_6199 via photopin (license)

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